Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RiverFire & More!

Hey all!
I know its been AGES since I last updated! But I've just been real bz with assgmts, quizzes n essays..Thank God tis week I only have the genetics essay & quiz 2 worry about. Apart from that, voting 4 student council started this wk! Yes the voting poll is on! So fellow UQ-ians, please choose wisely yea? Will it be FRESH or will it be CHANGE? Well I did my voting 2day just so I could get that lovely $5 voucher (free lunch 4 a day), yet there were tons of names 2 choose, AND you even get 2 put your preferences from 1,2,3...I just chose based on the council and nicest names so 4 those of you with quirky names, you've been chosen!
Okay, enough of that. Yes, so me and the housemates went 4 RiverFire like 2 weeks ago i think? yes it's so backdated i know! But I rmb it was right after my exam so I deserved that! So off we went at ard 6-ish 2 southbanks and mind you we managed 2 catch the LAST citycat 2 southbanks. Once we arrived, it was 5mins to 7 and we walked right across Vic bridge 2 the massive crowd of ppl *watch the video*. We couldn't find Ben & Lauren so we decided 2 catch a spot near the ferris wheel. Apparently ppl were picnicking/booking a spot since 5pm?? N the fireworks strt at 730pm mind you. Anyway there we were staring all this while at the sky WAITING 4 the jet airplane on FIRE bursting through the airs. Honestly I expected much more, like synchronized jets doing those cool stunts, like 360 turn and a 180 or anything! Well watch the video and find out =)
The fireworks were the BEST I've seen so far though! so thumbs up 4 tat! Lasted 4 a whole 30mins and it was def worthwhile. The after-show was a pain tho, every1 was literally just bumping/pushing each other 2 get out. Crowd disperse, and the streets was jam-packed w ppl its like watching a scene from 2012. Wanted 2 eat at Grill'd but the line was terribly long, n our stomach's were grumbling so we settled 4 sum jap food instead. No comments abt that btw *i miss SAKAE sushi like mad!* Then we met up with Sach, Tse & afew other friends. They were having dinner at satay hut, which looks so good but yet....way off our budget. We WILL try that plc 1 day! =) Wrapped up the day after much chats and home we went! Picture time::

P/s: The vid could not be uploaded so I'll prob post em up on fb instead.
Till nx time! toodles ~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Are My Strength

It's me again!
Been pretty busy these past few weeks. Yes pracs are slowly beginning to be a pain. Genetics I don't like you...Gone tons due this week.
Genetics test
Pharma mid-sem
Genetics practical essay
Psych draft
Pharma report
So yes! It's definitely alot 2 do, hence this video is essentially talking about what I'm in need right now. Strength from YOU. The lyrics are really meaningful, so have a good listen. Hope you'll be able to find that strength & hope which only our heavenly Father is able to provide.

Did I mention I'm feeling a tad bit homesick? =x

Not literally but miss my family and friends. Food...neh not so much. Miss talking 2 u ppl!! Miss hanging out...Oh! N here come's tse chien 4 lunch! Haha we found a great place down at Great Court 2 hv lunch, it's really nice n sunny, jus masking under the shiny sun n cool breeze.

Will blog more later...TTFN!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

In the fast lane!

Hello again!
Boy its hard keeping track of this blog thing, back-dated by dono how many events/activities already...anyway cnt blame me cz I 4gt 2 bring my thrusty usb card-reader AND I did not bring my usb cable 2 plug my SLR to the lappie, so..basically photos r jus stuck, der in the memory card! *bummer* Which leaves me 2 wonder...does any1 even read this? Haha i c visitors but pls do identify yrself! Yes I would like to know who spends/wastes their minutes just reading the words i type on this page....Hehe, okay I know I haven't uploaded like ANY pics of my aussie days so here dey are! I've yet 2 put the Ekka ones up, erm..any1 willing 2 lend me their memory card reader?? *big grin*
In no particular order....

This woman is probably bz studying right now.... =p

Miss my daddy!
Group shot =)

Haha okayy so I lied...dos were my pre-departure photos, just had 2! I miss dem already =')
okay these r the real ones::::

The rosalie market, cool stuff no?

This WAS our car...for 2 days At the museum square? *4got the name..*
Mum, me & kat at supposedly paddingtons...
We were just craving 4 fish.. =p
The casino! It's open till like 4/5am??
Alritey..I guess that's enough pics 4 now, excuse the scattered arrangement, I was too lazy 2 fix it. Bsides I need 2 get back 2 my books n hit the sack! *motivates self*
Hope u enjoyed! More coming soon...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New beginning, new era..God I'm looking forward to it!

Hello blog!
Haha okay I don't know how to create a proper beginning cause "Dear Diary" and "Dear Journal" sounds kinda old-school, so I'll just go with the casual. Anyway as the title speaks for itself, yes it is a new beginning! Friends who know me probably would blink their eyes three,four,five or maybe 10 times to see that ME, Moi, actually blogging!! Hahaa okay you can go back to blinking normally now... =) Well I promised myself that I'll only start blogging when I go overseas, just to capture every moment of my life in a different country, living independently without mummy or daddy to shout/nag at you to do this and that..... So yes! I've decided to pen down every thought, every moment (special ones at least), every up or downs, and whatever all here! And I know some people just don't like reading words and yes, pictures to spruce things up a bit! Just a little note, I'm new at this whole blogging thing so those of you, experts who've been blogging for YEARS please do drop your nice comments and advice on how to make those fancy-shmancy stuff you guys put on your blogs. And and I'll try my best to update so if this blog seems dull and dead then...I might have just lost the "vibe" to blog. Seriously I don't know how you bloggers do it! What's your secret? Okay I crap alot so piccas time! =D

Me and my lovely babes =p

Us again at my house..hehe

I like this pic effect!

Me and the other Jan baby

Group photo!

I've more pics 2 upload but I'm trying to get the hang of this blog bear with me!! I'm heading 4 dinner! Hmm perhaps pics of our scrumptious dinners (cooked by our very own masterchefs..) hehe